Believing in the notion "Consistency is key to earn credibility", Zeina Company managed to establish a local trust record, swiftly directing it to consider a strategic global outlook. Following all the right parameters varying from; offering premium products of matchless consistency while implementing the highest quality control measures (ISO 9001,14001,18001) and environmental friendly strategies, not only helped Zeina products to easily penetrate foreign markets, but also set the company apart from competition to become a trusted global exporter and key international player.

With export compromising 60% of Zeina Group's total sales, investing in our Export Department and its resources became key to establish long-term fruitful partnerships. Our team work around the clock to place international export orders, monitor the flow of products while following up on Client's satisfaction. Such efficiency and well earned credibility has expanded our global portfolio in a remarkable period of time to have lasting International partners, not only from the MENA region, but also in Europe, Asia, Canada, and The United States of America.